“Are you ready to hire a coach to go to the next level?”  


As the popularity of executive coaching, business coaching and corporate coaching continues to rise, more people find themselves asking if it’s something they should consider.  What should you expect? Are you ready? Is it right for you?

How Coaching Works

You can hire a variety of different coaches.  A business coach, a team coach, an executive coach or even a life coach.  Each of these types of coaches come at it from a different angle. Even individual coaches within each group have dramatically different processes and coaching styles.  However, there are some significant similarities.  Every coach exists to serve the benefits of the person being coached.  The coach works to guide you to transform yourself and your situation. The goal is to make you capable, more satisfied as a person or a better performer, in whatever area you are seeking attention.

While a coach is often hired to get a particular result, the coach only serves as a guide. You are responsible for doing the work.  It’s very similar to hiring a personal trainer to improve your physical condition.  Your trainer can lay-out exercise routines, teach you techniques and encourage you along with way. It is up to you to do the actual exercises.  

People decide to hire a coach because they are ready to change their situation. They want a different result. However, a successful coaching result comes from more than picking a good coach. I have developed a simple list of four criteria that must be met for individuals who are considering hiring me as their coach.  Although this is my set of questions, it’s good to consider regardless of the coach you plan to hire.  

Question 1:  Do you truly believe things can be better than they are now?

I admit that this one is the easiest.  But it still needs to be answered.  Without a genuine belief and vision of what’s possible, the entire process will be a constant struggle.

Question 2: Do you value and welcome outside input from others?

Honestly?  That’s a tough question. Do you? Can you embrace constructive criticism? In addition to building on your strengths, it’s likely the coaching process will uncover problems areas that need your attention. You’ll want to be prepared for this reality.

Question 3: Are you committed to being proactive and intentional about creating a better future?

Unlike hiring a professional to perform a service for you, your coach will be insisting that you perform. Your coach will lead you down a path. But your desire to act with regular effort ensures you get the desired results from the coaching relationship.

Question 4: Are you open to challenging your existing thinking?

Are you willing to try new things? As you continue to grow and evolve, you’ll be put into uncomfortable situations that force you beyond your comfort zone.  This is where breakthroughs happen.  The more quickly you embrace this reality, the faster your results will come.  

Hiring a coach can be one of the best decisions of your development as a person and a leader in your organization.  I commend you for considering the concept.  As you dig deeper into the decision-making process with your coach, you’ll have other factors you’ll want to address. But start with these four questions.  If you can not give a resounding YES on all four of these questions upfront, I’d encourage you to reconsider your decision. Then act when the time is right.