Why are more senior leaders hiring Executive Coaches in today’s climate?

Although the individual reasons are unique to each leader and his/her particular situation, there are several common factors that drive leaders to engage with an executive coach on a regular basis.

  • Overachieving executives are rarely, if ever, satisfied

  • Trusted resources that challenge senior leaders are hard to find

  • Honest feedback with accountability leads to exceptional results

  • Excessive workloads can often limit opportunities to pause and reflect

  • It can be challenging to find peers for encouragement in difficult times

How do I know if I am ready to hire an Executive Coach?

The first and most important element is your mindset. Many people compare hiring a executive coach to hiring a personal trainer. If you are not ‘ready’ and committed to doing the work yourself, it doesn’t matter how good the coach is. The process will be very difficult and frustrating for both of you. Below are four statements that serve as a good test to see if you are ready. You’ll want to be able to agree with all four.

  1. I truly believe that my organization/situation can be better than it currently is.

  2. I value and welcome outside input from others.

  3. I am committed to be proactive and intentional about making a better future.

  4. I am open to challenging my existing thinking. I want to try new things in hopes that I can get better outcomes.

Which types of people, in which roles, are a good fit for ReZone Coaching?

While coaching can be applied to a variety of people in different situations, ReZone clients tend to exist at the highest levels of an organization, often from VP to C-Suite. Whether it’s a publicly traded company or an independently owned and operated business, the width and depth of responsibilities these leaders carry are similar in many ways. Additionally, ReZone also coaches ‘High Potential Leaders’ who are often identified successors on a path to greater future responsibility.

What areas of my company or organization does the coaching address?

While every coaching relationship is unique, some common topics are addressed regularly in the coaching process: Strategic Planning, Goal Setting, Priority & Time Management, Leadership, Communication, Internal and External Relationship Management, Personal Growth & Accountability.

Although less common, some client relationships may designed for more specific insights and feedback in particular areas to include the following: Sales & Marketing, Operational Systems and Processes, Cashflow & Financial Planning, Profitability, Long Term Planning, Expansion & Growth, Employee Recruitment, Hiring, Development & Retention.

How much time is required if I decide to get started?

As a rule of thumb, clients should anticipate investing 2-3 hours a week into the coaching process. This may involve coaching meetings and/or other time working on items related to your goals. Some individuals considering coaching might delay for fear that they don’t currently see a way to add more work to their busy schedules. Chances are that your time available isn’t likely to change without specific effort. Time and priority management is a cornerstone concept that ReZone focuses on with most every client coached. We will work hard to ensure you can develop more effective ways to utilize your time for both coaching items and key priorities.

Why should I hire ReZone Coaching instead of another coaching resource?

There are a lot of great coaching companies and coaches available. The ultimate decision comes down to your personal comfort with the coach, their style and coaching philosophies. It’s important that you have a comfortable chemistry with your coach. Some coaches work from a fixed system. They process what they believe works for every situation. There is no deviation from the model. This is not the ReZone method. We believe that every individual and every situation is unique. As a result, no two people follow the exact same program.

How is coaching corporate leaders different than coaching independent business owners?

Independent business owners have ultimate decision making power from the top to the bottom of their organization. As they identify opportunities to change or tweak the organization, they can take action however they see fit. On the other hand, corporate leaders interact within the larger organization, a board of investors, their peers, other departments and even their own boss. This presents a unique set of challenges to navigate as they work to best execute their vision. The coaching must account for all these factors as you evaluate challenges and opportunities. For 15 years, through multiple ownership transitions, ReZone’s founder, Brian, learned to balance each of these elements while still focused on making progress in the most important areas for the role at the time. Every ReZone Affiliate Approved Coach has demonstrated some variation of balancing competing priorities on a similar level.

Do ReZone Coaches have experience with someone in my industry?

ReZone coaches have coached organizations and businesses in a wide variety of different industries from B2B and B2C businesses. Our coaching methods and techniques easily transfer from one business type to another. They are not industry specific. Where the experience matters more is usually around certain situations and/or particular roles. In some cases where a coach has limited experience in a field, the lack of familiarity can actually be very helpful. This outsider prospective often generates questions that open up alternative ways of looking at common everyday challenges. Some of the industries were ReZone Coaches have direct experience coaching include, but are not limited to: Accounting, Automotive, Advertising, Construction, Commercial Services, Food Service, Home Services, Financial, Health & Fitness, IT, Marketing, Media, Non-Profit, Print & Publishing, Real Estate, Retail.

What is the typical client coaching agreement timeframe?

Due to the unique nature of each individual, there is no ‘typical’ timeframe. Some programs may be 6, 9 or 12 months in length. Others may be more open ended due to their organization and it’s constantly evolving situations. Agreements offer either party the ability to discontinue at any time. Even with this option, many clients chose to continue their coaching for multiple years. They find the process to be an effective way to continuously improve while addressing new situations and opportunities.

What’s the first step to take if I want to see if executive coaching is right for me?

Schedule a no-cost, no-obligation meeting. After a brief phone call, we’ll set up a meeting to get to know you and your situation. In this meeting, you’ll explore both challenges and opportunities. If you and the coach both decide that you are interested in getting started, you can review fees and any other relevant information at that time.

I’ve decided that I want to hire a coach. What should I expect moving forward?

Each of ReZone’s customized coaching programs involve two primary elements. The first is pre-scheduled coaching meetings, generally two times each month. At each meeting, you’ll work with your coach to clarify your priorities. You’ll progress towards the areas that matter most. In between meetings, you’ll be assigned ‘homework’ to help you progress along towards your goals. The second element (beyond the coaching meetings) is open, ongoing communication. Whether working through ‘homework’ items or addressing new challenges and opportunities, clients are encouraged to contact their coach by phone or email at any time. This allows ongoing collaboration on various topics as issues arise.

How much does executive coaching cost?

The fee structure is based on the customized program developed for each client at the start. Using the pre-planned frequency of regularly scheduled meetings and any other unique elements, a fixed monthly fee will be set in the beginning. It’s important that this fee be an investment that provides you a greater return than that which you invest. If the proposed coaching fees do not fit within your business’ financial situation, we will help you find other outside options that may be more in line with your budgetary limitations.