ReZone Core Coaching Values

ReZone Coaching was founded based on a consistent set of beliefs and core values. These beliefs drive the way our coaches engage and interact with each client. Every ReZone executive coach subscribes to each of the following declarations:

  1. I value clarity and simplicity in the fast-paced business environment prone to create overwhelm.

  2. I value hard work and commitment with consistent steady progress forward.

  3. I believe many leaders today have excessive workloads. I am mindful of this and will always be reasonable when suggesting additional work beyond coaching sessions.

  4. I believe strongly in addition by subtraction.  I believe that giving increased attention and focus to the most important and powerful priorities while reducing time on lower impact items leads to real significant success.

  5. I respect the time of others. I will always show up to all meetings on time & well prepared.

  6. I value timely communication. I respond to all communication from clients and colleagues within 1 business day. (Exceptions for holidays, vacations or planned time away from work)

  7. I place a high value on the quality of life of each leader I coach, beyond their successful career. This includes maintaining quality relationships with family/friends and taking care of oneself mentally, physically and spiritually.  

  8. I strive to be real, authentic and approachable while maintaining the highest degree of professionalism in all of my business relationships.

  9. I believe that confidentiality should be of the highest priority. No coaching discussion contents are every shared outside the one-on-one relationship between the coach and the individual.  

  10. I possess a mindset of a constant learner and I believe strongly that it’s important to take regular actions that improve one's self and provide opportunities to improve others.  

  11. I demonstrate a commitment to personal leadership growth, development & feedback (including currently working with a coach/mentor of my own).

  12. I enjoy going over and above to help clients and colleagues in every way possible.