Interview: ReZone Coaching Clients & Services


When I first meet someone or they first learn that I’m an Executive Coach, it’s usually followed by lots of questions. It’s not a common occupation and those of us who are coaches have our own unique ways of coaching and unique types of clients we serve. Noomii, an online coaching resource, recently interviewed me and asked me a bunch of the same questions that I often get from others.

I figured it would be helpful to post the interview to share with others who I haven’t met yet or those who want a little more understanding of what the heck I do, who I do it for, and how it works. As an alternative to the audio, I also included highlights of questions and answers. (You’ll find a few more details in the six-minute audio.) We’ve also time stamped the answers in case you’d like to jump to a certain point in the interview to hear my more detailed response. Enjoy. 

Describe your ideal client.


It is a senior leader with lots of responsibility who seeks increased clarity and focus around leading themselves and/or others. (Often in new or changing situations) They may be new to a bigger role, increased responsibilities or dealing changes in the organization. Their situation could easily lead to overwhelm or lack of progress if not addressed. They want more clarity & focus in multiple areas. 

How do you help clients achieve their goals?


Each situation & client is unique. My motto is Clarify, Simplify and Advance. With so much going on, potential chaos, lots of responsibilities, they often lack clarity and simplification. We work to understand current reality. Some situations I’ll use external assessments to uncover blind spots & path forward. We’ll work on goals, a clear plan and path forward. Typical coaching program involves regular meetings to ensure execution & follow through. Coaching relationship is more retainer like, encouraging communication beyond the meetings to work through issues while they are fresh and relevant. 

What’s the typical feedback you get from a client?


Feeling of being more in control and less stressed. Better awareness of themselves and how they're showing up and how they're working. Many are healthier with better business and personal relationships. We are making time to step away from their chaos and intentionally work to create the environment and the experience that they really want. As an example, a recent series of follow up 360 interviews revealed a leader much more aware of some of his shortcomings. They said the team is improving because he is improving. Ultimately that ties back to the increased awareness and deeper understanding of reality. 

What’s your background? How did you get into coaching?


I’ve been a full-time coach for five years. Prior time was almost 20 years in the corporate world in the cable television advertising field. In that world there was a lot of chaos and I actually really enjoyed it. I went through five mergers and acquisitions and was in the business of advertising during the economic downturn, which was quite challenging. A lot of changes in technology and I loved it really. But towards the end, the corporate part of it really frustrated me.

At a point in my personal life with some significant issues that led me to say, "Hey, life's too short. I need to do what I love." I went down the path and I learned more about coaching and got involved with someone else who had been an experienced coach for a while. We worked together until I decided to go on my own. Although it started one way, it came back around to helping others who are similar to how I was back then. Being in that world for several years in the environment of chaos and constant change while trying to balance personal priorities helps provide me significant empathy to a lot of the challenges that many of my clients deal with everyday. 

So now that you know a little more about me, I'd love to learn more about you.  If you are interesting in exploring whether executive coaching may be right for you or someone on your team, let's talk.  We can connect on Linkedin or you can shoot me an email.  Or check out my online calendar to set up a meeting, by phone or in-person.